Skilled Visas

There are a variety of migration visas for skilled tradespersons & professionals alike. Australian Migration Visa applicants can apply for a visa independently or be nominated. For those who are just getting started, we recommend you complete a Free Assessment to assess whether you meet the basic threshold requirements for an Australian visa before anything else.

Suitably qualified tradespeople/professionals (either formally or with extensive work experience) are required to be points tested before applying for a skilled visa. We will take you through the process of what's involved after we have assessed your basic eligibility and have identified the best specific skilled visa subclass for your individual requirements.

Skilled Independent Visas and Skilled Sponsored Visas are two of the most sought after Australian Skilled Visas for prospective immigrants to Australia. These visas are among the most popular because they provide a generous amount of flexibility in terms of allowing immigrants (Permanent or Temporary) to choose where to work. 

It is now no longer possible to apply directly for certain types of visas. Instead, applicants will firstly need to lodge an ‘Expression of Interest (EOI)’. Only then will the best candidates receive an invitation to lodge their visa application. However, we can make sure you meet many of the requirements before even completing an expression of interest giving you the best chance of a successful outcome as well as a very efficient processing time.

Every few months, the Department of Immigration will review the EOIs which have been lodged, and issue the best candidates with an invitation to make an application for skilled points tested migration.

This significant change means that it is now more important than ever that you engage an Australian Registered Migration Agent to ensure the most pertinent aspects of your skills and experience are refined and amplified.

To begin the process of securing a Skilled Visa, complete an Eligibility Analysis today for a detailed professional report on your immigration status.

*By choosing ASC Migration to lodge your Visa application, you can save thousands of dollars compared to other migration agents. See our Fees and Costs page for more information.

All skilled Visas

Australian Sponsored RSMS Visas

This visa allows employers in regional or low population growth areas of Australia, to sponsor skilled workers from outside Australia or skilled temporary residents who live and work in regional Australia. It has three streams.

  • The Temporary Residence Transition stream is for subclass 457 visa holders who have worked for two years and their employer wants to offer them a permanent position.
  • The Direct Entry stream is for people who have never, or only briefly, worked in the Australian labour market.
  • The Agreements stream is for people sponsored by an employer through a labour or regional migration agreement.

Perth in Western Australia is now part of the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

ASC Migration are RSMS visa processing specialists and are here to help, as migrating to Australia is not an easy task. We take pride in making migration easy and provide free post-migration services to assist our clients further.

Prospective applicants can apply for this type of visa by invitation only. The invitation will be issued subject to a specified time-frame in which the application can be lodged. This significant change means that it is now more important than ever that you engage the services of an Australian Registered Migration Agent.

You must be under 50 years of age if you are invited to apply and you must establish a specific level of English language ability.

The threshold English language requirement is Competent English, which is an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test result showing a minimum score of 6 in each of the four components of the IELTS test or, an Occupational English Test (OET) attaining a score of at least B in each of the four components of an OET. However, some occupations require a higher level of English.

An applicant will meet the English language threshold if they hold a valid passport from, and are a citizen of, one of the following countries;

• the United Kingdom;

• the United States of America;

• Canada;

• the Republic of Ireland; or

• New Zealand.

Once a prospective applicant has submitted their intention, it will be ranked on the basis of the claims they make about their skills and attributes. Specific evidence to support those claims therefore must be provided to support an application.

The current pass-mark to be eligible to apply for a visa in this category is currently set at 60 points. An invitation to apply will be issued to prospective applicants who achieve the highest rankings.

Consequently, engaging ASC Migration who for many years have been successfully processing visa applications for prospective Australian immigrants will ensure your skills and experience are enhanced. Your application will then receive purposeful attention which is of paramount importance to the success of your application.

Before you can apply you must have had your skills assessed as suitable for your occupation by a specific assessing authority for your nominated occupation. ASC Migration are experts at processing this pre-migration requirement.

You also need to know if the occupation you have nominated requires you to be registered, licensed, or be a member of a professional or industry organisation before you can work in the state or territory where you settle you may also require additional training or membership of a particular industry association.

To understand the factors that will affect your eligibility and to determine if you meet the basic requirements for this visa, start by completing a Free Assessment today.

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