Business visas always present a unique and often challenging set of circumstances for any migration agent to navigate. However, ASC Migration has had numerous clients who have had success through the use of our tailored Staged Migration Process, which unpacks the various issues and solves them one by one until your application is ready for lodgement. It is best to begin with a consultation so that we can understand your circumstances and provide you with the information you need to feel confident that ASC Migration is the agent you need to migrate your business and family to Australia.

If you are considering migrating to Australia, but not necessarily to start a business, it may be best to begin with a Free Assessment. For example, you may be migrating to Australia as a CEO of a company, in which case an employer sponsored pathway may be better suited. It is for reasons such as this that it is far better to get ASC Migration involved from the beginning as an immigration expert so you don't waste thousands of dollars on the wrong visa application.

In order to be approved for Business Visas, applicants must meet specific requirements regarding age, income, assets and other factors. Due to the detailed nature of applications for Business Visas, most businesses and professionals seeking a visa in this category enlist the help of an expert migration agent such as us at ASC Migration to ensure the best possible chance of approval.

The processing times for these visas are usually around 6-9 months, however the time it takes to prepare the application beforehand also needs to be taken into consideration as it can take some businesses longer than this to prepare an application by themselves. This is why it is of a great benefit to your business to use an immigration expert; we can tell you exactly what evidence you need to supply as well as compiling an application that best meets the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's strict standards. We know the elements that the DIPB look for in a strong application as well as understanding the factors that go the extra mile towards seeing your business generating revenue in Australia faster than if you were to attempt the process yourself.

ASC Migration has been administrating advanced visa services and immigration solutions since 2003. While a Australian Registered Migration Agent can never guarantee a visa application will be successful, 99.5% of our clients feel happy and confident in recommending ASC Migration to their friends and families.

So take your career and wealth to new heights in Australia with ASC Migration.

Each of the Business Visas listed on this page can also be applied for through State/Territory Sponsorship or Regional establishment. Your professional circumstances and personal needs are the main factors in determining which type of visa is right for you. We will work with you to make this decision and take the stress out of the application process.

Let's start by assessing your eligibility with an in-depth analysis or we can begin with a detailed consultation. Please note that any fees paid for an eligibility analysis or a consultation will be credited towards your application fee should you choose ASC Migration as your agent.